What Is Expat Medical Insurance And Why Is It So Important To Have ?

Expat Medical Insurance

Let’s take a look at exactly what expat medical insurance is and why it is so important for expatriates in Southeast Asia to secure a regular, annual policy.

Definition of medical insurance cover for Southeast Asia expats:

While it may seem obvious, expatriate medical insurance is healthcare cover for those living and/or working in Southeast Asia.

These long-established international health insurance policies have been specifically designed for individuals, and where relevant, their families and dependents

Why do you need expat medical insurance?

As a Southeast Asia expat, you will be fully aware that the standards of healthcare in the region can vary quite dramatically.

Relying on ‘local’ healthcare will mean the standard of treatment and associated hospital facilities are not up to those in your home country.

The alternative is to pay for and avail of services via top international hospitals in your current country of residence. Without international medical cover this can be a very expensive option indeed.

Taking out comprehensive international health insurance cover gives complete peace of mind in the unfortunate event you need to seek healthcare attention or advice.

What does expat medical insurance cover?

The answer to this point is: Whatever you feel needs to be covered can be!

The level of cover is extremely flexible and can be tailored to meet your own individual needs.

This is where Expat by Expat believe they can be of the ultimate assistance.

We are highly experienced expatriate medical insurance brokers with ‘on the ground’ experience of living in Southeast Asia.

As such, we feel ideally placed to ensure that you receive international medical cover which best fits your individual needs.

Key areas of expat medical insurance to consider

Here are just some key areas of medical insurance cover Southeast expats need to consider.

Some are optional, others essential:

  • Hospital Inpatient Cover: This should be seen as an essential element of any international health insurance policy. While we wish it on no one, you never know when hospitilisation may be required.

Being confined to hospital without any international medical cover insurance is a very expensive proposition. One that must be paid for out of your own pocket.

  • Hospital Outpatient Cover: Due to the perceived low costs of a doctor’s visit in Southeast Asian countries, this could be classed as an ‘optional’ inclusion of an expat international health insurance policy.

However, by including this in your overall cover it will mean visits to approved hospitals or clinics can be made at any time, no matter how minor your ailment may be. Taking such an option further enhances your peace of mind.

  • Dental cover: Those looking to keep their teeth in tip-top condition, or in the event serious dental work is required will benefit from including dental insurance cover in their flexible international medical cover.

  • Maternity cover: This is essential cover for those Southeast expats who are trying for their first child, or for couples looking to add to their existing family. Paying out of your own pocket for maternity care in a private hospital in the region is very expensive.

  • Medical evacuation and/or Medical repatriation: This is another essential option.

In brief, medical evacuation covers costs in the event an individual requires transfer from a country they are currently in to a country nearby in order to receive any necessary/specialised treatment.

Medical repatriation will cover the costs of a return to the policy holders home country for any relevant treatment.
It should be said that many international health insurance policies provide for both, but is a point you must clarify.

Which expat medical insurance policy meets your needs?

This is the conundrum that affects many. There are a whole range of options out there and this is where Expat by Expat are best placed to assist.

We will explain every aspect of expat international medical cover in a ‘no jargon’ manner to ensure the chosen policy is exactly right for your individual needs.

To find out more, please get in touch for a ‘no obligation’ chat by using one of the contact form below.

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