7 Important Factors For Expats To Bear In Mind When Choosing Their International Health Insurance Plan

Important Factors Expats International Health Insurance Plan

Choosing an international health insurance plan for expats needs careful consideration. There are a host of providers and policies out there. The one most suitable for you will very much depend upon your current circumstances.

Here are 7 of the most important factors that should be part of your overall decision-making process when deciding which policy best suits your needs.:

  • Age: Any person over the age of 18 years can be covered under individual policies, those with families can take out an international medical insurance policy that covers the whole family.

An important point to consider is the upper age limit for anyone who is 70 years and above. Some health providers cover those much older than this, others will continue to cover a person when they reach a certain upper age limit for a stipulated number of years, and some offer separate policies for those well into old age.

  • Family structure: As we touched on above, while it is eminently acceptable for individual expats to take out international health insurance cover, those with families would be wise to cover their spouses and children under family health insurance cover policies.

  • Country of residence: This relates to your main country of residence in South-East Asia and any regular or expected travel plans to other countries in the region.

Some policies are ‘country specific’ while more flexible ones cover the insured in other countries. Again, dependent upon your needs, you would be wise to discuss this with an independent international health insurance broker.

  • Nationality: Dependent upon your nationality you may wish to take out international medical insurance cover with a provider from your home country, or one that offers any additional benefits for citizens of that country.

  • Currency you wish to pay your premium in: This should be viewed as a very important factor, particularly for those expatriates who are retired, or those who receive salary in local currency into a bank account in the country they currently reside in.

Being able to pay your international health insurance policy premiums in local currency can be a very convenient option. You should note that not all policies will offer this.

  • Broker advantages: This point is key factor to bear in mind and can prove of significant importance. Choosing an experienced international medical insurance broker with a complete understanding of expatriate needs, such as Expat By Expat, offers those looking for flexible health cover and choice in health provider the perfect partner to achieve this goal.

There are many benefits in availing of health insurance brokerage services, but one that should get the message home is the fact that health insurance brokers are not tied to any one health provider.

This means you will receive options relative to your current circumstance that will allow you to make a fully informed choice when it comes to securing the very best possible health cover.

Go for ease, go for choice, go with an international health insurance broker:

We have already touched on the wide-array of international medical insurance policies available to expats. At times the choice can be bewildering.

Rest assured, it does not need to be!

By choosing Expat By Expat as your chosen health insurance broker you will receive advice and direction on all 7 points we have mentioned and far more.

Our sole intention is to ensure you get exactly what is right for you when it comes to the best health insurance cover available.

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