What Does Expat International Health Insurance Cover? The Lowdown On What You Need To Know

What Does Expat International Health Insurance Cover

When considering an international health insurance policy, one key question expats in Southeast Asia need to ask is: What does expat insurance cover?

The importance of understanding exactly what is being offered will set expectations in terms of such things as inclusions, exclusions, previous medical conditions, pre-existing conditions and the real value of premiums being paid.

Expat health cover – Make sure it covers YOUR perceived needs

There is no denying that expats will have differing needs when it comes to the level of international health insurance required.

A prime example is expat health cover for those individuals who have had previous medical conditions, or are suffering from pre-existing conditions.

This will depend upon a variety of things, but 5 of the most important factors are:

  • Age
  • Current health condition
  • Status – Single, Married, Dependents
  • Any previous medical conditions
  • Any pre-existing conditions

A qualified expat insurance broker is there to assist

It makes eminent sense to understand the full terms and conditions of any suggested international medical insurance policy offered.

This is where an experienced international health insurance broker such as Expat by Expat really do add value.

Availing of our professional international medical insurance brokerage services means that every clause can be explained and any questions you have will be answered in a no-nonsense fashion.

Expat health cover clauses you need to understand

To give you an idea of how Expat by Expat can assist, here is a brief explanation of just 4 international health insurance clauses you need to consider as a priority:

Out Patient Care

This is abbreviated to OPD and can come as optional cover. OPD will allow an individual to visit a recognised hospital or registered clinic and be seen by a doctor whenever they wish. This is regardless of how minor their health concern may be.

Due to the relatively low cost of visiting a doctor in Southeast Asia, expats often exclude this benefit, but for ease of access and convenience, those including OPD in their international medical insurance cover will have peace of mind.

Inpatient Care

Abbreviated to IPD, hospital inpatient care should be seen as mandatory! Expat international medical insurance cover for IPD means that anyone who suffers from a medical problem deemed serious enough for them to be admitted to hospital, for an overnight stay or longer, will be covered through their chosen policy.

The importance and level of IPD should not be under-estimated. This is because inpatient costs can add up very quickly if an individual is hospitalised for any length of time.

Dental cover

This is yet another ‘optional’ choice of expat health cover. Expats who include dental cover need to understand such things as:

  • Minimum period before cover can be taken advantage of
  • What treatments are covered
  • Any excess payments required when treatment is sought

Cashless Health Insurance:

When considering expat health cover, a cashless health insurance option really is the way to go.
It means your chosen expat health insurer has established an agreement with chosen hospitals and clinics in their network to automatically pay for your treatment.

This means you do not have the worry of paying cash for any treatment required.

We have really only touched the surface!

The above advice on expat international health insurance cover has really only skimmed the surface of an extremely important issue.

Expats with either previous medical conditions that often come under the category of pre-existing conditions need to be particularly aware of the type of international medical insurance policies available.

Southeast Asia expats deserve the best

Southeast Asia expats deserve the right to take out the most appropriate health insurance policy to meet their personal needs. This is regardless of whether pre-existing conditions or previous medical conditions have been encountered.

To dig deeper and uncover which is the best expat health insurance cover for you, why not get in touch with Expat by Expat for a no obligation discussion.

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