Understanding Group Life And Income Protection Insurance Schemes For Your Hong Kong Expat Employees

Group Life Income Protection Insurance Expat Health Insurance Hong Kong

Companies in Hong Kong need to be aware of just how significant comprehensive expat insurance cover is for their employees.

Hong Kong expatriate workers expect international health insurance as part of a remuneration package. The more inclusions your expat insurance scheme offers, the more attractive they will appear to current and prospective Hong Kong expatriate employees.

Life insurance cover is a common benefit:

Life insurance cover for Hong Kong expats is generally included in company expat insurance schemes, but it is important to choose group life insurance cover that allows for flexibility.

A good example of this is implementing an expat insurance scheme that offers different levels of life insurance cover. These levels will depend upon the rank and seniority of their expat employees.

Income protection cover is not such a common benefit:

Income protection cover is not so common, but should not be overlooked.

Income protection really is a worthy add-on for Hong Kong companies to consider. It is certainly one that Hong Kong expatriates will appreciate.

Any Hong Kong expat employee who is unable to work for an extended period due to illness will know that once your company sick pay period has expired, the income protection policy will be activated.

Once the income protection policy is in force they will receive up to 75% of their salary until they are able to return to work.

Where to get clear advice on group life insurance and income protection schemes:

As an independent international health insurance broker, Expat By Expat are at your service.

We are ready to explain all things related to group life insurance and income protection policies in a ‘jargon-free’ manner.

Our status as an independent international health insurance broker means that once the Expat By Expat team have fully assessed your company needs we can offer you group life insurance and income protection recommendations that best meet your needs.

To find out more on what Expat By Expat can do for your Hong Kong expat employees when it comes to group life insurance and income protection policies please contact us using the contact form below.

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