Hong Kong Expats – Pre-Existing Conditions DO NOT Prevent You From Securing International Health Insurance

Hong Kong Expats Pre-Existing Conditions International Health Insurance

Hong Kong expats suffering from pre-existing conditions should be fully aware that this does not necessarily prevent them from securing an international health insurance policy to meet their needs.

Assuming that pre-existing conditions commonly cited by expat medical cover providers could prevent Hong Kong expats from taking out international healthcare insurance cover is totally understandable. However, this is not the case.

These assumptions are largely based around such things as:

  • The complexities of pre-existing conditions

  • What illnesses the different international expat insurance cover providers consider to come under such a clause

  • Concerns of completing medical questionnaires

  • What inclusions and exclusions really mean dependent upon the pre-existing condition(s) in question

  • What the differing premium levels related to international healthcare insurance cover actually offer

Expat by Expat is at your service to help resolve all issues relating to pre-existing conditions in terms of international healthcare insurance policies.

We would like to be seen as the ‘go to’ provider for all expatriates in Hong Kong when it comes to expat insurance cover.

As an independent international healthcare insurance broker, we are not at liberty to follow any single expat medical cover provider. This means we can give you choice.

A choice that is particularly important when it comes to those with pre-existing conditions.

To understand what Expat by Expat can offer in terms of individually tailored solutions on international health insurance cover, and discuss any pre-existing conditions you may be suffering from, please get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable and professional team for a ‘no-obligation’ chat.

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