Have You Considered A Company-Wide Income Protection Scheme For Your Hong Kong Expatriate Workforce?

Income Protection Scheme Hong Kong Expatriate

Companies in Hong Kong who are implementing or reviewing their expat health insurance cover should bear in mind an often overlooked ‘add on’ to their expat insurance scheme.

This is in the form of income protection and is a benefit that all Hong Kong expat employees will appreciate.

What exactly is income protection?

It is a given that all Hong Kong companies with expat employees will have a sick pay policy in place.

However, the period where an employee receives this benefit is limited and is dependent upon your company internal rules and regulations.

This is where adding to your expat insurance scheme in the form of income protection cover has real benefits.

If any of your Hong Kong expat employees are still unable to work after the expiration of their sick pay period, the income protection policy will be activated.

It will mean the Hong Kong expat concerned will receive a substantial amount of their normal salary until they are able to return to work.

A feeling of being valued and peace of mind:

By offering your Hong Kong expat employees income protection cover you are showing a commitment in terms of how your value their service.

You are also giving them peace of mind, because in the unfortunate event they suffer from a long-term illness they will still have some financial security.

Income protection cover will pay up to 75% of their salary until they are able to resume employment with you.

Understand exactly how an independent insurance broker can assist:

As an independent expat health insurance broker, Expat By Expat are perfectly placed to assist. We are fully capable of advising Hong Kong companies on expat insurance schemes that include income protection cover.

Being an independent expat insurance broker means we can assess your exact company needs and provide you with expat insurance recommendations that most suit your business model.

For a ‘no obligation’ discussion on all things expat insurance and income protection cover please contact Expat By Expat either via email or using the contact form below.

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