What Is The Importance Of Expat Medical Insurance For Expatriates Residing In Singapore?

Expat Medical Insurance Expatriates Residing Singapore

It is well-known to expats in Singapore that having expat medical insurance is mandatory, but the wide range of international health insurance policies available makes choosing the most appropriate expat healthcare insurance cover a difficult decision.

The many inclusions, exclusions and potential excess charges make understanding the exact definition and differing levels of international medical insurance cover available in Singapore a time-consuming exercise.

Thankfully, Expat by Expat has the answer. As independent international healthcare insurance broker we are here to guide you through each and every stage of expat healthcare insurance cover and give advice on the policies best suited to your individual needs.

By discussing your international health insurance needs with us on a ‘no commitment’ basis we will advise and inform Singapore expats on such things as:

Inpatient hospital care coverage, the benefits of outpatient cover at hospitals or clinics, and exactly what repatriation assistance means.

We will explain optional extras such as dental cover and also explain to expatriates in Singapore the real benefits of cashless international healthcare insurance schemes.

By availing of such a benefit, it will mean that costs for any treatment are paid directly by your international medical insurance provider to the healthcare establishment(s) you choose to receive treatment at.

To ensure you put in place the expat medical insurance cover you deserve, at premiums that match your means and current health condition, please get in touch with Expat by Expat via email or using the contact form below.

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