Singapore Expats With Preexisting Medical Conditions Are Still Eligible For Comprehensive International Health Insurance Cover

Singapore Expats Preexisting Medical Conditions International Health Insurance Cover

Any expatriate in Singapore suffering from pre-existing conditions may feel it is difficult to secure comprehensive international healthcare insurance cover.

Please understand, this is certainly not the case.

There is a good choice of international health insurance providers who will offer policies to Singapore expats with pre-existing medical conditions.

While preexisting conditions can constitute changes to expat medical cover policies it does not necessarily prevent Singapore expats from securing a policy to meet their needs.

The real issue for those with confirmed or potential pre-existing conditions include such things as:

Fully understanding exactly what these pre-existing conditions are, why medical questionnaires need completing, the impact that any pre-existing condition(s) may have on expat insurance cover, associated costs, and whether certain aspects of treatment will be excluded.

Wading through individual expat insurance cover details from the numerous international healthcare providers and classifying the exact nature of pre-existing conditions can be an extremely time-consuming task when attempted alone.

To save time and potential confusion for any Singapore expatriate with questions or concerns relating to pre-existing conditions and available international health insurance policies, Expat by Expat have the answers.

We are totally independent international healthcare insurance brokers with long experience of advising on expatriate insurance cover matters.

This leaves us perfectly placed to give unbiased advice on all issues related to pre-existing conditions, how any of these conditions can impact on expat medical cover, and which policy would be most appropriate for you based around the pre-existing condition(s) you have.

To find out more and have a ‘no obligation’ chat with the highly experienced Expat by Expat team please contact us via one of the methods below.

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