What Does Dental And Optical Health Insurance Mean For Expats In South East Asia?

Dental Optical Health Insurance Expats South East Asia

It is seen as standard that expats in SE Asia will take out some form of health insurance cover while living and/or working in the region.

Below we will consider the types and benefits that such cover offers and also look at 2 health insurance extras that are worthy of mention and ones that many quite sensibly add to their expat health insurance policy.

Health insurance cover for expats

The health insurance policy you decide upon will relate to your current situation and needs. This can be for individuals who are single and working in the region, those in a similar situation but have a family to support and retirees.

The level of cover will depend largely upon your current status but you can rest assured that whatever you are looking for is available.

Availing of health insurance brokerage services

A popular way to get exactly the type of expat health insurance you are looking for is to use the services of a broker. By doing so you will be given a variety of options that offer world-class health insurance cover.

You can opt for full international cover or slim this down to a regional or per country basis. It stands to reason that the higher level of cover you opt for, the more you will be pay in premiums, but, equally, the more you will be covered for.

Rest assured, there is a plan to suit you and a professional expat health insurance broker will provide you all the support required to set up and run the policy of your choice.

They fully understand the plans available and once your needs are known can come up with suggested suitable policies. This in itself will save you substantial ‘leg-work’ in regard to comparing expat health insurance policies by yourself.


Once again, there will be options that you may wish to have excluded from your policy in order to lower the cost of cover, but it should be noted that 2 general exclusions are in relation to dental and optical health treatment.

While these are general exclusions, any expat health insurance policy you take out from a well-established provider will offer both dental and optical cover as additional extras.

World-class treatment

South-East Asia is renowned for the quality of dental and optical health care. This is particularly the case in Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan.

The standard of establishments and professionalism of those specialists treating you is on-par with anywhere in the world with one exception: It is far cheaper! However, it still costs!

Benefits of dental and optical health care cover

The extent of dental and optical health cover in expat health insurance policies will vary. This will depend upon the health provider and plan you choose. It should also be noted that there will be a ceiling in place as to the cost of treatment involved.

General inclusions are such things as routine eye examinations along with preventative, routine and major dental treatments. Some procedures will be fully inclusive, others may require you to put 10-20% towards the cost.

It is important that you check the dental and optical health cover clauses in the policy taken out to fully understand inclusions, exclusions and co-payment terms.

One thing is for sure, by taking out this extra cover with your expat insurance policy you are further safeguarding yourself from out-of-pocket expenses. In the event you require optical or dental treatment you will have cover.

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