Expat Health Insurance – Should SE Asia Expats Opt For Inpatient Cover, Outpatient Cover Or Both?

Expat Health Insurance SE Asia Expats Inpatient Outpatient Cover

Adults living in South-East Asia should by nature put in place an individual expat health insurance plan. Those with families should also consider a policy that includes all dependents.

What level of expat health insurance cover do you need?

This will very much depend on your personal circumstances and individual needs. Whichever provider you choose should have a well-respected name in the international health insurance world.

In the case of expats living in South-East Asia you should plump for a well-established provider that offers an extensive network of treatment facilities throughout the region.

Levels of cover will vary dependent upon the policy type you choose. It is an obvious fact that the greater your cover level, the more this will cost on an annual basis, but of course, you will receive more substantial benefits. The greater the benefits, the greater your peace of mind.

Inpatient and Outpatient care

Whichever expat health insurance policy you choose, care will cover consultations and treatment on an inpatient and outpatient basis. Let’s take a look at the differences between these two types of care

The difference

When a person requires medical attention, treatment or surgeries this can be placed into two categories

  • Inpatient procedures

  • Outpatient procedures

The difference on whether you receive treatment as an inpatient or an outpatient is dictated by two factors:

  • Length of stay at your chosen medical facility

  • Complexity of treatment

Inpatient care

This is classed as when you are required to stay overnight in a medical facility (usually a hospital). The length of stay is a minimum of 1 night. Throughout your stay you will be under the professional supervision of facility staff. This includes surgeons, specialists, doctors and nurses.

Outpatient care

As the term suggests, receiving care as an outpatient means you do not stay overnight in your chosen medical facility. Once you have received attention and any necessary medical procedures you will be free to leave.

It should be understood that there may be a recommended period of rest before you actually do leave, for example; to allow anesthesia to wear off, but this will not involve an overnight stay. The actual facility can be a hospital, doctor’s office or an outpatient clinic.

Which is the better option?

As can be imagined, the answer to this question depends upon your treatment needs!

Inpatient care

If major surgery or complex procedures are required, this goes hand-in-hand with close, expert medical supervision and immediate aftercare. Under such circumstances, inpatient care will be the route you take.

Your length of stay will depend upon the procedure involved as well as the expected and actual recovery time. The medical consultant in charge of your care will advise on the recommended length of stay.

Outpatient care

There are many reasons to take advantage of outpatient treatment. Cost should be viewed as a major factor. This is regardless of the level of expat health insurance you are covered for.

The continuing advancement of medical techniques and technologies now means that many treatments can be provided at outpatient facilities and minor surgeries are regularly performed at such establishments.

Another benefit of outpatient treatment is that many find recuperating at home far more convenient, comfortable and self-beneficial than doing so in a private hospital room.

Your surroundings are familiar. Recovery can continue in your own bed, on your favourite sofa or chair as well as spending time in the garden or on the balcony. It also means greater convenience for loved ones and friends in terms of any necessary assistance.

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