Why Do Different Countries Charge Different Health Policy Premiums For Expats Living In SE Asia?

Health Policy Premiums Expats SE Asia

A question that many expats in South-East Asia often raise is: Why do health insurance premium levels differ from one country to another?

There are a variety of reasons for this which include:

Cost of living index:

The cost of living in different countries varies tremendously. It therefore stands to reason that staff employed in the medical arena per country command different salary levels.

Expats in South-East Asia who have travelled through the various ASEAN countries will be aware of the differences in standard of living as well as the cost of it.

The higher the cost of living in a country, the higher any related cost of health treatment such as consultation and medical procedures will be.

In turn, this means that health establishment infrastructure, costs to maintain and run such facilities, and salary levels for all staff involved in a countries health care system vary greatly.

Due to such variations health insurance premiums will be higher in some countries than they are in others.

Zonal differences:

International health insurance companies need to assess the risks and costs involved dependent upon which global zone(s) expats in South-East Asia needs coverage for.

Examples of this are:

  • Full worldwide coverage
  • Worldwide EXCLUDING the USA
  • ASEAN countries EXCLUDING Singapore

Included in such cover will be 24/7/365 medical assistance as well as emergency medical evacuation and repatriation.

The zonal exclusion above clearly shows that expats in South-East Asia who require cover for possible medical treatment in the USA or Singapore will pay more for such cover.

The cover you require is the cover you can have:

There is no doubt whatsoever that the level of international health insurance an individual requires can be arranged. But, the price you will pay will depend upon your personal situation and health cover needs.

Above we have explained some of the major reasons why insurance premiums differ from one country to another and the impact of zonal classification for expats in South-East Asia.

As an individual or family, it is important that you receive the most appropriate health insurance cover available. This means you need to identify the type of cover you are looking for as well as on your current location and any countries you may visit.

This can be achieved by checking an array of international health insurance providers and comparing available policies. By doing so it will allow you to compare the cover offered, which countries come under different zones, and the associated premiums required for the health cover you need.

Shortcut to getting the right international health policy:

It goes without saying that checking and comparing providers under your own steam will take time, patience and cross-referencing.

Expats in South-East Asia who would prefer to let someone else do this research on their behalf have an ideal solution available. They would be well advised to use the services of an established health insurance broker operating in the region.

Few of the benefits of taking this route are:

  • Based on your exact requirements the broker will present a choice of international health insurance policy options that are most appropriate to your needs

  • There will be no charge for this service

The cost of any policy chosen via a broker will be exactly the same as going direct to an expat health insurance provider.

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