Companies With South-East Asian Expat Employees Need To Implement A Group Expat Health Insurance Policy

South East Asian Employees Group Expat Health Insurance

To retain and attract quality staff a company needs to offer attractive benefits. One that should be placed high on the list is an expat group health insurance scheme. Below we will explain some of the main reasons why, but let us first start with

What cover is offered

An expat group health insurance plan offers significant cover and benefits to the employer as well as their employees. These plans generally include such things as:

  • Medical health
  • Life insurance
  • Dental/Optical cover
  • Disability insurance
  • Evacuation insurance

Minimum number of employees

The good news here is that minimum number really does minimum. A group insurance policy can be initiated with just 2 or 3 employees

This means that there really is no excuse not to look into the setting up of such a benefit.

Benefits of introducing a group health insurance scheme

Of the many benefits a company can offer current and new employees, a group health insurance scheme is certainly a tangible one. The availability of such a scheme gives benefits such as:

  • Employee retention / attraction of quality staff

Not only does group health insurance provision help a company to retain their best staff, it is also a very effective tool when recruiting the cream of the workforce.

Such an attractive additional benefit can often be the difference between hiring an experienced worker and losing them to a rival company that does. Integrating such a policy into your Human Resource social strategy is also seen as good business practice and demonstrates the commitment to employee well-being.

  • Superior cover

There is no doubt that the cover offered through an expat group health insurance scheme will be superior to that of an individual health insurance or life insurance policy. The reason for this is that group schemes are seen to be spreading the risk across a wider group of people.

It is also true that exclusions which exist in an individual’s health insurance plan will not be present in an expat group health insurance scheme.

A point in case is

  • Pre-existing medical conditions

Those expats seeking individual health and/or life insurance plans need extensive medical underwriting. Dependent upon any pre-existing medical conditions they may receive restricted cover, cover with exclusions and in some cases declined.

An expat group health insurance plan will offer full cover for an employee who has such a condition. The reason for this is that the risk is shared and takes into account healthy as well as unhealthy staff and their dependents.

  • Greater choice of treatment facilities

While it is true that individual health plans offer a good range of treatment facilities it is also true that an expat group health insurance plan will offer a wider range of options from employees to choose from.

  • Ease of administration

This point will not be lost on your HR department. Online administration will be available for your company’s expat group health insurance plan. This means ease of administration, a clear understanding of requirements and gives employees a central, clear process they need to follow in the event medical treatment or emergency assistance of any kind is required.

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