Your South-East Asian Expat Employees Deserve The Additional Benefits A Group Health Insurance Scheme Brings

South East Asian Expat Employees Group Health Insurance Scheme

If you are one of the growing band of expats in South-East Asia, opportunity and a comfortable lifestyle are within grasp.

There are many things that need putting in place and one of these is considerations relating to health insurance.

It goes without saying that personal expat health insurance policies are available for those living and working in the region and taking advantage of such cover is to be commended.

However, one aspect of cover that should not be overlooked is:

Expat group health insurance schemes

If you work for a company that offers an expat group health insurance scheme then it is strongly recommended that you look at the benefits such a policy offers.

Here are 6 reasons you will benefit by using the leverage such a policy gives

Comprehensive cover

When expats in South-East Asia take out individual health insurance cover there is the possibility of waivers or exclusions being in force for certain conditions. Joining a group insurance scheme means that each person in the scheme gets comprehensive cover for any treatment necessary.

Easier acceptance

In certain instances, an individual could be refused health cover due to current or pre-existing health conditions and all will be expected to fill out a comprehensive medical questionnaire. In the case of joining an expat group health insurance scheme acceptance is far more straightforward.

As long as the company meets the initial enrollment requirements of the health provider in question, individuals working for the company and new employees should get “guaranteed coverage”. This is thanks to the pre-arranged agreements for expat group health insurance cover that your company has agreed with the health insurance provider concerned.

“Team” Unity

It is proven that working with others and sharing a collective bond enhances the individual and company “feel-good” factor. Knowing that you are all in the same health insurance scheme and will receive the same benefits if treatment is required is one of the strands that helps bring the “team” together and fosters closer working relationships.


By joining an expat group health insurance scheme, you are showing commitment to the company. In turn they do not need to have unnecessary concerns as to whether the personal insurance cover you have (or do not!) is sufficient and is renewed on a regular basis.

The company know exactly what your cover is, more importantly, so do you! A clear line of reporting and arrangement will be in place and any emergency medical care situation which arises will have a stated, clear procedure in place.

Company reputation

Expats in South-East Asia are the same as any individual working anywhere on the globe. The reputation of the company they choose to work for is important to them.
Would you rather work for a company that shows a positive reputation by arranging an expat group health insurance scheme or one who leaves it down to the individual? For most, the answer is surely the former.

Discounted premiums/automatically deducted payments

The saying “What you do not have, you do not miss” is a very true one in terms of paying into an expat group health insurance scheme arranged by the company you are working for.

Premiums can be deducted from your salary on an automatic, monthly basis. An additional benefit is that you will benefit from lower premiums when compared to individual health insurance cover.

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