Expats In Thailand With Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Can Still Secure International Health Insurance Cover

Whether you are an expat living in Bangkok or anywhere else in Thailand, please rest assured that having what is classed as a preexisting medical condition does not prevent you from securing international health insurance cover to meet your needs.

Understanding exactly what these preexisting conditions actually are and what the different expat medical cover providers actually offer can be an extremely time-consuming matter.

To overcome such complexities and save you valuable time there is an ideal solution for expats living in Bangkok or anywhere else in Thailand.

The solution is to contact Expat by Expat. We are an independent international health insurance broker. One that is not beholding to any individual health provider.

Our discussion will enable you to understand in a straight-talking way such things as exactly what preexisting conditions are, the role of medical questionnaires in any application and the type of impact your preexisting condition may have when it comes to taking out expat insurance cover.

The Expat by Expat team will listen to your needs, answer all questions you have relating to preexisting conditions in relation to expat medical cover policies and then give suggestions as to the policy which will best suit your needs.

For further information and a swift resolution to any preexisting conditions concerns relating to expat insurance cover, please do not hesitate to contact us using one of the methods below.

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